Mollie writes contemporary fiction with a heart for history. What does this mean exactly? She loves to write inspirational fiction in contemporary settings with fascinating historical elements, people, objects, and stories woven throughout.

A modern girl herself– She wouldn’t want to go a day without modern plumbing and central air! But she’s always felt a special connection to the past. The legacies and lives left behind are like gifts waiting to be unwrapped, and she’s excited to share this blend of history and contemporary living with readers.

A born and bred Midwestern gal, Mollie Rushmeyer, makes her home in central Minnesota with her husband and two spunky, beautiful daughters. She is not only a bibliophile (the dustier the better, in her opinion), she’s a true anglophile at heart. Tea and coffee fuel her travels, by Google maps at least, and her full-time day job as a monkey-catcher… ahem, mommy.

Mollie is represented by Cynthia Ruchti, literary agent with Books & Such Literary Management. She is vice president of her state’s American Christian Fiction Writers chapter and a 2017 & 2018 ACFW Genesis Contest semi-finalist. Her work also double-finaled in the 2018 Kathy Ide 2018 “Promising Beginnings” Christian Writers’ Contest and is a 2019 finalist in the Cascade Awards.

She’d love to connect with you more!






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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks Darlene! I really appreciate the support. Writing, and the road to getting it published, is a long, winding and sometimes lonely road. I just have to keep reminding myself that God is with me and will see it done if it’s what He wants:)


  2. Hello, your post ‘About the Author’ is very well said. I am also a new member of ACFW. I am working on my first romance novel and looking for an agent. I subscribed to your blog, and I hope I can connect with you. Dicky, http://dickyto.com


  3. Thank you very much for your kind comment, and for subscribing to my blog. And I truly do intend to post more often! My last month has been sort of consumed with writing other things. God bless, Mollie


  4. Hi Mollie – I came across your book on Authonomy, and was impressed by your comments in “About the Author”. Just thought I would encourage you to continue. We are finding it hard to find enough books with a Christian world-view for our children to read.

    I’ll have a look at your book and give some feedback.




  5. Thank you, Peter. That is very encouraging, especially when sometimes you wonder if anybody cares to read Christian YA novels. I have found, though, that through Zondervan and some of the other Christian publishers, YA and children’s books are becoming more prevalent. Very exciting for someone who not only enjoys writing, but also reading in that genre. So glad to hear you enjoyed my bio. My hope and prayer has always been to publish a book for young people that is clean and points back to Jesus as our way to freedom and forgiveness, and to show kids that reading a Christian book does NOT mean it’s boring! Let me know what you think of my book on Authonomy. I have actually done some editing since the version on there, but I would appreciate any feedback. Do you also have a book on Authonomy?
    May God bless you and your family greatly this Christmas season. Sincerely, Mollie


  6. Hi Mollie! I’m a MN Christian YA writer as well, I saw on twitter that you were looking for agents that accept Ya, and I have been working on making a list of agents (I’m hoping to send out a query letter soon myself)! Do you have an email I could send the document to? This is so cool to find other writers out there with a similar call! Just love it!


  7. Wow, talk about poor feedback! I’m just getting back to my website. I have to admit I took a break from it and what I would call ‘formal writing’ for awhile. I had 2 major life changes– job and a new baby :). But I’m back on that winding trail again! Hope your journey is going well! Nice to hear from a fellow Minnesotan! (I totally just heard that looong ‘oh’ in my head when I typed Minnesotan! Ha ha!) Blessings to you, Mollie Rushmeyer


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