Giveaway Goodies!

Today’s the day for my Twitter Follower Giveaway!

Yay! Who doesn’t like some free goodies? Nobody, that’s who! Whew, that was some double negative for you. In celebration of reaching 500 followers on Twitter, I will be running a giveaway here on my blog. (Yeah, I know the people out there with a quadruple digit+ following out there may scoff, but 500 is a big deal for little lowly me. 🙂 )

ID-100123388 So, to say ‘Thanks!’, I will be giving away a $10 Amazon Giftcard, essential reading snackables, a beautiful new journal with blank pages waiting for you to write down all of your thoughts, and a set of pens to do just that. I might throw in a couple of extras too! I apologize I do not have a picture, but maybe that’s for the best. That way it’ll be a surprise!

By the way, following my blog is not obligatory for entering the giveaway. However, I would love to have you look around. And if you think my blog topics on family, faith, and the writing journey would be of interest to you, please do sign up to follow. Although, it is mandatory to follow my Twitter account for this particular giveaway. Follow me on Twitter @mollierushmeyer

Thanks again for the support! Here’s how to enter:

Please comment with the following information on this blog post:

(This info is also on the actual entry, but here it is again.)

“Since writing and reading are my jam, please comment with either who your favorite author is and why. Or share if you are currently working on a writing project and what it is. Thank you! Look forward to reading your responses!”

*Commenting on any other blog posts or on my Twitter feed will not enter you to win. The entry period is from today until Sunday, February 21st.

*After commenting, please click the link below to claim your entry.

*It will also ask you to follow my Twitter account to enter. If you already do, great, you get an extra entry. If not, it will direct you to my twitter account. Click to follow.

*Please know that there’s no gimmick and no personal info, like a credit card, that you need to give to enter (except the winning entry will need to provide an address to send the prize). I am using a free service through Rafflecopter to hold an organized and fair giveaway.

*Please feel free to share, share, share with your friends!

To enter, click the link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s to the next 500!

Blessings all, Mollie Rushmeyer

Image thanks to David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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