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Peace = Choice

100 days of peace update… finally. Okay, I know this is a bit (or a lot) overdue as I’m now on day 23 of this personal exploration into what peace means and how to find the quiet of my heart I, and I think many people, yearn for. You can read my original post here. The delay… Continue reading Peace = Choice

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What I Will Tell My Girls About Following Their Dreams…

Do kids need encouragement or a dose of reality for their dreams? In short, I’m inclined to believe it’s a little of both. I would like to share a little more of my background to illustrate my point: When I was in junior high school, I remember taking a class where we studied and learned about… Continue reading What I Will Tell My Girls About Following Their Dreams…

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Finding the quiet of my heart

A 100-day journey to peace and purpose.
I’m sick of it. I don’t want to oscillate between emotional zombie to harried crazy-lady anymore.
I want to be free.
In the sense that I love Jesus and I have embraced the Heavenly Father’s gift of salvation, I am free from my sin. But am I living it? Do I really know what His peace is or where to find it? No. I yearn for it… I’m looking for radical. I’m looking for a bond, and a closeness with God far beyond my imaginings. I’m looking for a peace that truly transcends all human understanding. And I’m looking for His purpose for my life beyond a shadow of any doubt.
(*Deep, nervous breath.)
Are you ready to come with me? I will honestly record what I learn in 100 days. I’m sure it won’t always be pretty, but it will be the truth.

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8 Things To Do When Anxiety Attacks

Whatever life has handed you—whether the past has come back to hound you, the present seems too much to bear, or something dreaded in the future looms over you with its black tempestuous clouds— anxiety, for many, is never far behind. And I’m not talking about the going-to-the-dentist, run-of-the-mill caliber anxiety. I’m talking about the… Continue reading 8 Things To Do When Anxiety Attacks

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Book Giveaway! Enter to Win, A Mother in the Making by Gabrielle Meyer

Gabrielle Meyer’s Love Inspired Historical, A Mother in the Making, releases September 1st, 2016. Be one of the first to read it by entering to win a hot-off-the-presses paperback copy below via the Rafflecopter link. I had the pleasure of meeting Gabrielle recently at my first ever American Christian Fiction Writers meeting at our local chapter,… Continue reading Book Giveaway! Enter to Win, A Mother in the Making by Gabrielle Meyer

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Book Giveaway: Becky Wade’s Her One and Only

Enter to win a Free paperback copy of Becky Wade’s 4th installment in the Porter Family series, Her One and Only! I thought spreading the love to an amazing author would be a great way to celebrate the launch of my Facebook page. Her One and Only released this month, May 2016, and follows the… Continue reading Book Giveaway: Becky Wade’s Her One and Only


Life Transcended

My flash fiction is up on ! Have a look, leave a comment. Much appreciated! How could I love a woman I didn’t know? And yet, as I watched her walk into the cafe, I did know her. Flashes of a thousand smiles, each one radiant, blipped through my mind like movie scenes. Memories from… Continue reading Life Transcended

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Saying Goodbye to Your Green Monster

Letting go of jealousy, so you can fulfill your purpose. Okay, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… Unless we’re perfect, have nothing at all to improve about ourselves or our gifts and talents (please tell me if I ever say I don’t because that means I need a big ol’ piece of humble… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Your Green Monster

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My Unmasked Manifesto

Being transparent in a social media masked world. I want to do something radical today… I want to unmask myself. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been putting off this post. Being real is so hard and I’ve been dragging my feet and arguing with myself about writing this. Showing all the ugly scars, admitting (surprise,… Continue reading My Unmasked Manifesto