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Saying Goodbye to Your Green Monster

Letting go of jealousy, so you can fulfill your purpose. Okay, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… Unless we’re perfect, have nothing at all to improve about ourselves or our gifts and talents (please tell me if I ever say I don’t because that means I need a big ol’ piece of humble… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Your Green Monster

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My Unmasked Manifesto

Being transparent in a social media masked world. I want to do something radical today… I want to unmask myself. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been putting off this post. Being real is so hard and I’ve been dragging my feet and arguing with myself about writing this. Showing all the ugly scars, admitting (surprise,… Continue reading My Unmasked Manifesto


Finding Your (Writer’s) Voice in the Crowd

First of all I want to say while, yes, the saying goes, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’, my intentions for this blog have been thwarted in the last week with both time and technology. I had every intention to post this last Friday (my new preferred day for posts), but everything… Continue reading Finding Your (Writer’s) Voice in the Crowd

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A Letter to Me

While this isn’t a new concept, when I saw a post on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page today (click the link to see a beautiful example she shared) about writing letters to ourselves to heal what Brene Brown calls our “art scars”, I felt an overwhelming nudge to do the same. For me, there isn’t another person… Continue reading A Letter to Me

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Ode to the Joy of Mommyhood

Finding the Long-term Perspective in the Chaotic Now Today I’m going to veer slightly from writing about… well, writing. However, the very thoughts in this post come out of the busyness of balancing a family, job, and a time-consuming aspiration to be a writer,as well as an emotional couple of weeks waiting for a beloved… Continue reading Ode to the Joy of Mommyhood


Giveaway Goodies!

Today’s the day for my Twitter Follower Giveaway! Yay! Who doesn’t like some free goodies? Nobody, that’s who! Whew, that was some double negative for you. In celebration of reaching 500 followers on Twitter, I will be running a giveaway here on my blog. (Yeah, I know the people out there with a quadruple digit+… Continue reading Giveaway Goodies!